Everyone is on a journey, including me.

I certainly don’t have all the answers but I believe life is about loving, learning, and experiencing new things. Let me share a few thoughts about my own path.

First of all, I have been around for a while working on getting better at helping others get better. I love to learn, to explore, to grow, and to stretch myself, and I seek to inspire others to do the same. I view my work with clients as a partnership in discovery, starting with wherever they are now and focusing on where they want to get to. I also learn from each client as I share in their journey and that keeps my work exciting and rewarding.

Some have joked that I have trouble holding a job because I have taken some risks, worked in different industries and have been laid off a couple of times along the path. The first layoff prompted me to return to school for my second master’s degree. The second layoff prompted me to start my private practice. Life is an adventure and I believe there are always opportunities to learn and grow forward in spite of what may feel like a setback in the moment.

Things I am dedicated to:

  • Growing in faith and spiritual awareness
  • Being a loving husband, father, and grandfather
  • Expanding capacity for myself and others to be more loving and courageous
  • Inspiring imagination and genius
  • Continuous learning
  • Being the best counselor, coach, author, and leader that I can be
  • Cycling, skiing, and outdoor fun
  • Friendship, music, travel, laughter


  • Advanced degrees in psychology, social work, and human resource development
  • Certified leadership coach
  • Member of NASW and MCDA

In addition to my clinical practice I have worked as an internal consultant for three major corporations. I also co-founded and ran a leadership development company and worked with leaders from for-profit and non-profit industries for eight years. My focus is individual leadership development and building effective leadership teams.

I realize this is just a snapshot and it is sometimes hard to know who to work with. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have.

Warm regards,