Marriage and Relationship

Great marriages and long-term relationships don’t just happen anymore than a business can just run itself. They require investments of time and attention and high levels of maturity. I have worked hard to develop effective and practical tools to help couples improve their relationships.

In my book “Date Night Conversations“, I describe the stages that relationships go through and the forces at work that can make or break a marriage. I created a concept I call the Dynamic Marriage Map to help couples understand how to get into quadrant four, or what I call the Q4 marriage. The qualities of a Q4 marriage include a comfortable interdependence, high commitment to the wholeness of both people, high levels of intimacy, and spiritual connection and meaning within the relationship and beyond it.

What I love about marriage counseling is that marriage, unlike any other relationship, challenges people to stretch and be more loving and whole, and it also provides the support to allow that to happen. When I work with couples my focus is on helping them to understand and do the work that is required to create the quality of relationship they really desire. This means working on growing up, which requires a willingness to look inward and confront their own fears, emotional wounds and shame, and commit to being a healthier individual, and also showing up, which is about their willingness to change and to do what it takes to be successful in marriage. Relationships can be transformed when people are willing to accept responsibility and to help each other get what they need and want from one another.

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