Wait, Pray, Listen

Dear Wounded One,

Stop working so hard to please her, hoping to receive the nurturing and validation you desperately desire.  Stop seeking it elsewhere when she won’t give you what you want.  Take ownership of that desire and realize it must be fulfilled from within.  You must learn to love and heal yourself.  When you own that and turn your focus within, you find you are not alone after all.  You are, in fact, part of the human community, connected to all.   You begin to see that Love is all around you and Love shows up in small acts of kindness from strangers, in affirming smiles, and the beauty of nature.

Love shows up in your inner spirit when you open your heart, pour out your pain, and sit quietly with yourself.  It may not always feel warm and nurturing because you are not able in the moment to perceive and receive it.  There is no need to judge yourself for that, you need only to wait.  Wait, pray, and listen.  The Divine is there with you and in you.  The Divine is gentle and humble of heart, not out to punish you or control you.  Sit at the feet of the Divine, submit your will and your mind; listen and learn.

If you make a regular practice of this, coming often to wait and to learn, you will find rest for your soul.  You will begin to heal the broken places as you allow yourself to grieve, consciously and deliberately grieve for your broken places.  The spirit within then shows you Love, and helps you know that to love is to forgive; to receive and to extend forgiveness.  Forgiveness brings healing and freedom from the burden of the past.  This is what it is to be redeemed.  This is what it is to be loved.


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